Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Solids...or a sloppy solidish mess

A few hesitant bites, then SLURP

The thinking of like or dislike

The surprise of deliciousness

Announcing that Jacey Bird has had her first bite of pablum! We made some rice cereal (really runny) and she ate the crap outta it. She just stared at the bowl and spoon and slurped a handful of bites up. Too funny to watch and listen to. Here are a few shots of her experience...

Seattle Sillyness

Ferry ride from Kingston (weird) to Edmonds

Hating the starfish

Touching the ocean

Bow baby

Waiting at the airport

Well this month has flown by! I look at my last posting date and feel a little guilty actually. We have been busy as Jacey and I flew to Seattle along with my mom, two sisters and nephew. It was a really enjoyable trip and alot transpired while we were there. Sadly, Jenny's mother in law passed away the night we arrived and Jenny left right away. Ann will be sadly missed, she was a sweet lady and incredibly kind. We were sad to see Jen leave but knew she needed to be with her husband. On a happier note, the rest of us enjoyed our stay as did our fam we visited...I hope!! The babies had alot of firsts on this trip: such as first hotel(Kingston), flight(Kingston), ferry ride(both), swimming(both) and more! It was a fun trip. Lots of post baby clothes shopping and the outlet buying was redonkulous!!! Coming home was a little sad but we missed our men, so it was still ok! =) Here are some shots...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Big Developments

Christmas p.j's and bib...cute!

I love scooting and tummy time...not!

Almost smiling but NOT

I see you...what's going on?!

Christmas outfit

Well Happy New Year all!! New year and all that comes with it. We are glad to be home finally after a few weeks of traveling for the holidays. I headed up early to the Mac to accompany my mom's Christmas concert for her school so that was fun and interesting because both Jacey and I had wicked colds. Yucky traveling with that! Jon joined us a few days after his exams were done. We enjoyed Christmas with Jon's family this year and then with mine after. It was so nice to get together and spend this special time. I cannot believe the loot that Jacey made out with, perhaps a limit next year?!? Although next year will be a gongshow as Jenny's little person will have joined us by then and there will be 3 munchkins for Christmas...YIKES but fun! New years was not very eventful, Jon and I were able to scrounge up gramma to babysit and head out for a dinner date. Some new big developments in our little ladies life...rolling over!! Jacey has begun the process of rolling over, her business ir all about it. She first did it at Nanny & Poppy Bird's house over the holidays and can be depended upon to do it when put on her belly for tummy time quite often now, also doing ridiculous leans from her back to tummy but no roll yet...still waiting! Awesome to watch the development, still waiting for the consistant smiles. She definitely makes you earn them! Love her tons, here are a few pic updates. Bird Crew