Sunday, March 29, 2009

52 Project and then some!

Jacey and Daddy

Jacey wondering...why this family?

Still wondering...

Jacey and the Oil Kings game

Jacey with BFF Ember just visiting

Hey all, this is the beginning of our 52 project. There is a photographer friend who is doing this 52 project which encourages mom's to do photos once a week for 52 weeks(year) with their kids. This will document that YES, mom is there and the change in our little person. I am kinda excited to do it!!! Besides this there were a few more shots of the kid I thought I should put up and also blog, which I haven't done for a couple weeks.
We are pretty much same old same old. Jon is working away and I am still just hanging out. Although the last month has been hectic what with cross province visiting. We hung out with our fam in the Mac and then also with friends in Lethbridge and the Hat. Other big developments with the lady are that she has FINALLY moved out of our bedroom into her big girl crib and is doing awesome with it!! She has been having amazing have I. We have an MRI appt as well for the 7th of April and are waiting for that. Jacey is a popularly, busy kid what with swimming lessons and books for babies starting and her schedule is just busy!! (Sadly, her time is more in demand than mine) Alas, I have enjoyed her eating her big girl food more so that I can have time to go out and do things by myself more often, see a movie without wigging out that she is starving and whoever is watching her wants to give her away. All in all though the girl is fun and we sure love her lots!!! Just realized that our 52 project isn't on here, missed it, will add both next week!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wow, I am a lazy blogger!

The lady with her new headband...
Thanks Gramma!

With her "Chic" look, a little P.O'd

Loves cuddling with Gramma

Daddy's little accountant helper

I remember thinking that when I decided to start my blog I was gonna be diligent, I was gonna be on this all the time and adding...lets not kid ourselves anymore. I am truly a slacker!!
Anyways things with the Bird's are good. We are busy with traveling again, have been to the Mac and also heading to Lethbridge soon. Cannot wait to visit with family and friends. Jon is still busy with work and enjoying it, I am enjoying the money aspect of it and also when he gets home to relieve me of my crazy messy mommy duties.
Jacey is just growing, growing and changing. We went in on Friday for an MRI, however since she had a cold the week before, the Doc's wanted to wait to do it. Her breathing is good now but they were concerned with her history of Apnea and didn't want to chance it when she is still congested somewhat. Sooo waiting again it seems!!! She is definitely developing though, her eyesight is better even though sometimes she gets a wonky eye. Also her limbs are slowly loosening up enough to manipulate a bit. She is still not grabbing for things or holding anything but now that she is looser hopefully that will come. She is just a very pleasant little girl, very relaxed and ready to cuddle always. She is starting this new thing of spitting on people, it is hilarious! She purses her lips and just lets loose this little spray, it is too funny! She taught Kingston her trick this past week.
But that is all that is going on with us now, hopefully it warms up more so we can go out for walks more often, we have tried her sled and its not her fav but she doesn't scream so it is positive in my mind hehe