Monday, August 13, 2012

Say what...she posted?!?

As per my BIL Graham's request, here is the new post. My blog has sat lonely for a little while since camp. Truthfully, in my defence.....I just didn't want to do anything. How's that? I came home from camp and have only been home for 50 days, that is not even as long as we were away, but I didn't want to do anything. I wanted to veg out, catch up on all my shows, visit with my family and friends and then do nothing. That was not in the cards as the Bird's have been busy ever since. The following weekend, our entire family went to Jasper for Canada Day and the hot springs. (Mostly the hot springs though) We enjoyed each other's company and goofed around lots. It was super fun. We came home and had many a dinner/playdates with friends catching up on what was missed. It was nice, busy, but nice. Some new things going on. We are going back to camp!! Say what?!? Yeah we are! We head out on September the 2nd and are going for another 5 week session. There is a great price change for the month and Jon and I decided that we better take advantage of it. This will be a great thing for Miss Bird, it will still be fresh in her mind, she will know the routine and feel comfortable with her Conductors! We are super excited....mostly. I am a bit tired thinking of it all. I feel like we just got home from 10 weeks and are heading out again, Oh wait, that is exactly what we are doing. We won't even be home for the same amount of days we were gone for before heading back, how crazy is that?!? But it is a great opportunity and we are excited to do it agian. My fam will be rotating coming to hang out with us again, my lil sis Leslie is cominge, as are my dad and gramma. At the end of our trip Jon's mom is going to come for the last week and then we are heading to Newfoundland to visit family I think. We are already halfway there, might as well keep going. =) This is exciting for us and we cannot wait to do it again. So blessed!! Thanks for all the support, we love ya. - Alyson and Jacey PS Prepare yourself for potty posts, fingers crossed no time outs, some ridic antics and lots of change again!