Monday, February 16, 2009

Faces galore!

Wow, look at Grampa Hinko's baby blues

WHOA, what is that!

Jumpin, jumpin away from daddy

What a little ginger she is, holy redhead

Squirmy worm

So things with the Bird clan are just moving along. Jon is busy with a new job with a scaffolding company doing the payroll. Seems to enjoy it and well let's face it, I enjoy the paycheck that comes along with it. I am still just puttering around the house. Loving spending time with our lady. This girl is a goof-ball! She is definitely developing her personality and her likes and dislikes. Jacey has the best facial expressions lately and is all about the goofy noises and jumping on laps. We have put up her merry muscles and jolly jumper and she is getting into the hang of them...get it...the hang of them!! hehe She is still enjoying her cereal, she has tried her rice and oatmeal kind now and this week we will introduce some veggies...yummy slash blech! Anyways here are a few of her silly mugs for y'all!