Sunday, November 22, 2009


30/52- Snuggling with a pumpkin

29/52- Fanty & Mia, Amy & BFF Ember, Mommy & Jacey

28/52- Our SHOCKED expression...quite well known

27/52- Family Picture Night...looking good!

26/52- Swinging in the Mac

25/52- Smooching at Gramma's

24/52- Bird Girl and Mommy with her piggytails
23/52-Swimming with the cousins and aunties

22/52- In the new house with Jasper

21/52- Bird Girl's Birthday Party

20/52- Mommy and Bird Girl day before B-day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whaaaaat? 3 months?

Cutest gent I know
Loving her grins
My little piggie =)
The dragon met the chicken and didn't fire her
The cousins hanging out
Jacey being goofy
Trying to see her piggytail
In her wintergear
With her eye patch

So months earlier I vowed that I would be a good blogger. I'd read up on others, comment once in a while and keep my own updated. I've turned into a lurker, non-commenting unupdated blogger and for that I am truly sorry!! Here is the low down of what's gone on in the last couple months:
-moved into the new soon, once I stop woosing out and hammer up some pics (don't want to put holes in the wall...lame I know)
-Dad had 50th b-day and us kids and mom surprised him with a trip to Calgary to take little people to the zoo...well received by him
-Mom and Dad had their 30th anniversary
-Jon, Jacey and I travelled to Newfoundland to visit the fam and be with his Nan while she underwent open heart surgery. She is doing awesome! Jacey travelled like a pro and totally wooed everyone in her path, what a kid!
-Went to Medicine Hat and Lethbridge to visit friends and Jacey learned to pet a puppy on her own (tears and a video ensued) =)
-I'm pregnant...just kidding
-Jacey is getting bigger and busier. Another physio session has been added monthly WAHOO and she has been approved from the government for disability funding. Bittersweet but more sweet than bitter!! She smiles all the time and is so goofy.
-Jacey said "Mama" at her physio appt the other day...she was crying cause she was hating on it but that still counts right? I wrote it in her journal anyways, so it counts now hehe
-Jon is still plugging away at work and looking into finishing his last few classes next year
-We decided to take a trip to New York next fall...started to save (with no Jacey..duh duh duh)
- Kingston turned one and had a Halloween theme party, he is too fun!
-Amelia is starting to grin and coo and grabs for things...she is such a tiny sweetheart
That is about it! Whewph! We are busy still getting settled and still enjoying Jacey. She really is such a fun addition to our lives. The bird girl keeps us on our toes daily, all the big toothy grins are so rewarding and fun. Life is good, busy but good! Some pics to keep your entertained!!