Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ugh, worst blogger ever...and I mean ever!

I always log in and check out other peoples, I always creep/stalk other blogs and wish that I was more on the ball, I always try to diligently upload photos to EVERYTHING else but my blog. However, I am a slacker, a rotten blog slacker. There I said it, and I don't care who knows mom cause she may be one of the only people who read this! There have been many a new thing going on at the Bird House. I am busy with the two ladies and getting ready for summer to end. We have been all over the place, B.C for a friends wedding, Fort Mac, camping with the fam jam, visiting with friends and much much more. It has been busy getting used to the two ladies schedules and finding out what is working for both. Jon is still super busy with work and still enjoying it, so that is a good thing. Jacey just turned 5 this last week and is such a big girl. She is going into a typical Kindergarten class this year. I am excited/nervous for her to make new friends and enjoy her time. I am sure she will, the kid is crazy social and such a fun girl. She will ride a short bus that is wheelchair equipped because...WE GOT SOME WHEELS!! She is loving her wheelchair and how much independance it gives her. Jacey likes to push and roll herself here and there. So exciting, we are also in the middle of purchasing and adapting a minivan, yup were minivanners now. Jacey also did lots this summer, some swimming lessons, TONS of playdates and many outdoor adventures with friends and workers. A big goal this year is potty training, we have a wicked potty at our house that she is getting used to and one for school as well, hoping it will catch. Neely is now 4 months old and changing daily. She is a chunkster!! Such a happy, easy baby. Great sleeper, like 10-11 hour nights which is phenomenal. She is also beginning to try some pablum which is fun to watch. Neely is rolling over and reaching out for kisses, toys, hair, you name it! She has such huge grins and her eyes get all squinty it is just adorable. The sisters are working hard at tolerating each other. Jacey is still adjusting but it is coming along. I am finding it interesting to watch them study each other and what actions they do, I am sure loving being a mama to 2 ladies. That is about all that is new, you will probably see another update in oh a month or two or three. Ciao! - Alyson