Friday, August 22, 2008

She has arrived

Well hello folks,

For all of you who guessed August 21st at 5:15am you were correct, that is when little Jacey Emilie Bird was born. Her middle name is pronounced like "Amelia". Weighing in at 7.2 pounds and measures 19 3/4 inches long. We just arrived home today after spending all yesterday and some time this morning at the hospital. So far little Jacey has shown us that her lungs are working very well. But she is doing great and so is mom. Alyson had a natural birth, no drugs what a strong woman I married, the nurse even asked if she had any German blood in her because she had a very stoic and determined birth. Alyson and I have adjusted to the no sleep routine, I must say the 5 hours that I got the night after was the best 5 hours I have ever had haha. Alyson had a few quotable moments in the hospital including "Holy Crap!" and "Holy Mother!" all in the Grey Nuns hospitals, geez they must of thought she was very spiritual haha. Also highlights include Alyson asking a nurse before she started pushing "So if you had to guess, how long do you think this will take?" Apparently Alyson had better things to do haha. The Grandmothers were both present for the birth as they took off in the Amazing Gramma race early in the morning when Alyson had mentioned the first contraction. Well it has been an interesting day and a half and Jacey is doing great and I think has started to pose for the pictures. But she is a very strong little girl. Well we are off to be parents, but thought that I would get my first blog in here and let everyone know what is going on.
Have a good one,
Jon and Alyson and now Jacey Bird.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So this countdown is the official countdown of how long our order for a dresser has been sitting with Babies R Us: 2 months, 12 days, 3 hours and 16 mins. I pretty much want to egg em! I am pretty frustrated right now. We ordered a matching dresser/change table to the crib in June and have gotten the complete run around on the "lost" order, the "re"order and the delivery. I have spoken with over 3 managers and a call centre supervisor and also Purolator, who had not received the pick up order until today, when it should have been early last week. I feel like a normal on the hormones pregnant lady, but today I just about snap cased! Purolator told me that they would pick it up in Calgary today between 9-4 and that if there was enough room on the truck it would go out tonite or tomorrow morning and arrive in Edmonton. Then they would need to arrange with us a drop off. GUH!

Now that I have gotten my rant out of the way, onto other things. Jenny and I went hardcore yesterday on organizing the kid's clothes. Oh My Heck! The girl will be dressed for years to come if she intends to wear it all. Jen got to pull out her label maker (which she was pumped about) and we set them up by size and moved it all downstairs to the baby's room. Jon was home from work and organized the garage which although isn't a big baby deal, was really irking me. Must be those nesting habits going on! I feel like it is getting down to the crunch now, under 2 weeks left. Could be any time, which really would be awesome right about now...or at least once her dang dresser is here!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Look out!

Who said that Jon was the only one to know how to work computers? Look out! I have decided that Jon and I are going to become all about the blogging...or at least I am. Jon told me to go hard, tons of support hehe Since it is getting close to my due date and I don't do much besides eat, sleep and bathroom breaks, I thought I would try to set up a blog for our new little family so that all of our family and friends can see what is going on.

Only new things so far are waiting for Helicopter to make her appearance. Jen and Graham have pretty much finished the basement and Jon and I have slowly made our way downstairs. Jen is all about setting the baby room up while excited as I am, have let her take the reigns here. Our family's own little Martha Stewart! Les and Mike are getting ready to make the move to the Mac to live with my parents and Mikel is still the teenager that he is. Also Mom and Dad Hinko and Bird are getting ready for baby as well b/c both the moms call pretty much all the time to "check" up on things.

In other new today, Jon is just about done work for the summer, a few weeks left and then a week off to spend with Helicopter before school starts in the fall. He has one more semester to knock out before he will have his degree in Accounting. My little bean counter! I will still be home minding the kidlet and I'd say being the best housewife ever but lets be realistic... I also think that we will begin to look for a place to buy in January around Edmonton somewhere, we'll keep ya posted!

That's about all folks, wrapping up the first I hope it works or my bragging about outsmarting Jon will really not look so hot! =) Take care