Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Bird Girl's Surgery

Hello all,

I think I will be doing the writing and updating for a bit, I am your new host of a little game I like to call How is Jacey doing? Well not so much a game but she is definitely testing the limit of how long she can go without sleeping...Well as most of you know Jacey had surgery this week to correct her eyes and hips. Yes 2 in 1 surgery, we talked to the surgeons and they said that the surgery went very well. And as of noon yesterday Jacey has been in a room at the Stollery Hospital recovering from those surgeries. She is doing really well and still is finding time to play drop the soother and drop anything that is in front of me onto the floor game. A favorite of mommy and daddy....nope just kidding not fun at all. She is doing really well though, the only thing is she is having a hard time sleeping. That is why Mommy and Daddy are resting now and have time to update the blog. Her biggest problem is her lack of movement she has a big cast on her legs and they are seperated by a broomstick I have included a picture of this as it is pretty cool and she definitely got some wild colours haha.

Well that is the update so far we would like to thanks everyone for there thoughts and prayers during this time and for everyone who has sent messages, we really do appreciate it and love you all.

Also in a final note today is Jacey Bird's birthday Happy 2nd Birthday to a sweet special girl and even though it is no fun to have a birthday in the hospital I think straight eyes and straight legs are a not bad present...well maybe some toys would be better but we are unconventional parents like that haha.

Take Care,
Jon, Alyson and a recovering Jacey

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Special Lady!

Well, this post has been one that I have slowly, and with a bit of trepidation been waiting to write. Over a month ago, almost 2 months ago now, we have had some big developments with Jacey. She has been diagnosed with a rare type of Cerebral Palsy. The white organic brain disease is the specific name for it but classified as CP. This does not diminish in any way our little lady's fiestyness, or want to do things, she just is not able to do them the way other kids can or as soon as other kids can. We don't really know what the future holds for our tiny girl. We love Jacey like crazy people and I hope that we do the best that we can for her. However, there is always the little tremor of fear, dread, remorse, grief and guilt that takes hold of a small piece of your mind. I always have questions about the future running through my mind: will she walk, will she speak and understand, will she date/marry/have kids and will she ever really understand how much we love her and want the best for her. I don't in any way want this to be a sob session but using this as a bit of my journal, I want to express the things I worry and think about. For people who know me, I am a pretty laid back person with a fairly upbeat personality. This is something that I work daily to continue, I don't want to be the crybaby mom or the my life is so hard mom or the down in the dumps all the time mom. So I am sorry if you catch me on an off day and I complain or I spew a few tears. This is all fairly new for our family and we are working through all the appointments, paperwork and questions from other people. So bear with us and don't worry that my pants and shirt don't match!! =) hehe

On a more positive note, Jacey is doing amazing. She is doing Physio and Occupational Therapy every 2 weeks. We now have a special walker in our home for her to work with, and little tiny leg braces (AFO's) that she wears everyday for a few hours. We also have a special chair that goes into her high chair and her stroller to help control her body movement and a tubby chair...WAHOO for her to be able to play in the tubby longer than 5 mins without mom breaking her back cause the girl is getting chunky! =) Jacey is so happy and pleasant all the time and we are incredibly grateful for her disposition cause it makes all the yucky stuff that much easier. We are grateful for the gospel knowledge we have of perfected bodies and our family being together forever. It is just a new time in our lives that we are getting used to. And also for the record...all the people constantly asking about more babies...As I told my sis...When I wake up each day and DON'T want to poke myself in the eye...then there will be another little person coming along! We'll keep you posted, until then it is all the Bird Girl! - Alyson

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best Vacay Ever!!

Soooo Jen, Les and I with babies scooted up to the Mac this past week for a lil visit with our fam. It was nice, got to spend time with the parents and a few friends and just relax a bit. However, there were 2 fantastic memorable moments that occured whilst here.

1. The first one began with some innocent clothes shopping with Les, Mom, Jacey and Kingston. Leslie had gone to put the babies in the car while we finished paying when she suddenly ran, wheeling Jacey back in exclaiming, "WE have a big problem!" Ummm the "big" problem was that Kingston had been strapped in, the car doors locked, and then closed. Sooo the tiny tyke was in there with no adult supervision. hehe We tried a few times to get him to push the lock button but he just smiled at us and continued sitting nicely. So Leslie ran to an auto place which told her to run to this security place, which brought a gent over to unlock the doors for us. Poor Leslie was more freaked out than Kingston who really did just sit so nicely! the random key guy.

2. Leslie and I were on our way outta town when we had a Fuji Sushi craving, you all know what I am talking about. The restaurant didn't open for another 10 mins or so and so we decided that we would let the little peeps run around the Plaza II mall. Kingston made me ride the escalators over and over and Leslie carried Jacey football style around the mall. When it was time to go, we hit up the elevator with another mom and her 2 kids. Ummm, it stopped! The elevator got stuck between the two floors. So Leslie called the emergency number while I stopped Kingston from putting his fingers in the two mouths of the random stranger kids and not let Jacey touch the shady/dirty floor/wall/ceiling. They told us 1/2 an hour and they would be there. 1/2 AN HOUR!! There are tiny people in here. Within about 10 minutes or so we could hear people and figured we couldn't be very far from the floor and so Les and I sumo powered the door open. There was a security guard standing on the outside and we were about a foot above the floor. We all crawled through, said sayonara to the mall and enjoyed our sushi!!

NO JOKE, these two stories happened within 2 days of each other. I might just write a book about my life now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Am I a bad mom for not posting Christmas???

What the...what did I do wrong?!?

Jumping Jumping Jacey- Girl

Chocolate Face

Merry Christmas from us to you...or else just from me!

I love my big girl carseat
We are busy busy in the Bird house. Jon is still working away and I still am hanging with the little miss around the house. She is getting so big and hilarious! Her huge toothy grins are to die for. She is a ridiculously pleasant girl who is a real mommy suck! Jacey is working hard on her physio and we are still waiting bloodwork and genetic testing results. She is just so much fun!! We had a blast at Christmas time visiting with all the family. We did both families this year which worked our perfect. We hosted dinner for the Hinko's at my house, which I was sick in bed for almost all of it the whole time...Horrible Hosting Skills!! Jon's fam stayed overnight during Christmas and we opened presents and did a big dinner out here as well, this one I was not sick for! Jacey loves her new big girl carseat and the rest of her toys are slowly being discovered. I'll post another one of Jon's and my sneak away to LA trip soon. So I have decided I ain't bad, but severely delayed. These will be a few of my fav pics depicting the past few weeks of no blogging... Enjoy!