Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Am I a bad mom for not posting Christmas???

What the...what did I do wrong?!?

Jumping Jumping Jacey- Girl

Chocolate Face

Merry Christmas from us to you...or else just from me!

I love my big girl carseat
We are busy busy in the Bird house. Jon is still working away and I still am hanging with the little miss around the house. She is getting so big and hilarious! Her huge toothy grins are to die for. She is a ridiculously pleasant girl who is a real mommy suck! Jacey is working hard on her physio and we are still waiting bloodwork and genetic testing results. She is just so much fun!! We had a blast at Christmas time visiting with all the family. We did both families this year which worked our perfect. We hosted dinner for the Hinko's at my house, which I was sick in bed for almost all of it the whole time...Horrible Hosting Skills!! Jon's fam stayed overnight during Christmas and we opened presents and did a big dinner out here as well, this one I was not sick for! Jacey loves her new big girl carseat and the rest of her toys are slowly being discovered. I'll post another one of Jon's and my sneak away to LA trip soon. So I have decided I ain't bad, but severely delayed. These will be a few of my fav pics depicting the past few weeks of no blogging... Enjoy!