Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some more pics...

Jacey laughing it up with Fanty Jenny

Jacey in the walker...not quite sure...

Jacey yelling at me...with love!

Cool swimming face!

Her new thing of holding her suckie while sleeping
If any ones knows how to post more than 5....SAVE ME cause I have no clue!!

Project 52

I love how the darkness of the flash
camo's me in a swim suit...phewph! (5/52)

Just sharing some fist at West Ed (4/52)

Jacey and I at the farm...FUN! (3/52)

Traveling and then some!

Isn't she a pleasure?

Auntie Manda and Jacey

Daddy and Jacey swimming it up

Daddy and Jacey after quadding

Bird Girl with her Easter hat

Well it has been a little while since being on here for sure! We (Jacey and I) have been back up to the Mac for a week hanging out with my brother while my parents went to Niagra Falls. It was a fun week getting to know my lil brother better, although I am beat and ready for a trade off with Jon. The Bird Girl is busy!!! Jacey is getting bigger and changing every day, has starting grinning alot more and even cut her first tooth. We named it Hercules!
We also got her MRI results back yesterday. Her doc told us that she has low white brain matter. Some areas are very thin while there are spots where it is absent altogether. This means that her brain sends the messages but b/c there is no white matter to transport it, her body isn't receiving. He said that this is probably what caused her to stop breathing when she went into the hospital and why it took so long for her eyes to focus, why she took so long to smile and why her arms don't reach or hold anything yet. This also affects her emotions, which I think is the hardest for me. It means she could be a totally different baby when things hopefully develop. We are waiting to hear from a few docs for appts. She needs to see a neurologist, opthamologist, hearing specialist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and Jon and I need to go do some genetic tests. Once we have done these perhaps they can narrow it down to genetic or metabolic, like a pre/post birth injury of some kind. This is huge news for us and were kinda just going along with it and taking it all in. Luckily it isn't some debilitating disease or something she will deteriorate from so that is good news. We will just keep plugging along with it!

Now that my yucky news is done, we can enjoy some more pics of my cute kid!! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, we DEFINITELY appreciate them.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Project 52...for real now!

Hmm, couldn't get this to turn. Soccer game

Jacey on the floor, cutting one!

Cool dude, watching daddy play street hockey

Les and I with our "sipper straws"

Les and I with our little people P52(1)

Well since I lied last post about putting on my pics of the girl and I, this is the time for repentance in the form of real posting!! Soooo a little bit of info update is in order here. Jacey went for her MRI on Tuesday morning and did great! We got there and they put her hand cream to numb on and she woke up but was so pleasant. They then did the assessment and the anaestesiologist came and told me he prefered to do the IV without parents b/c it seems that they need a nurse for the parent and then a nurse for the kid...I can totally see that cause I was terrified. So they took her and did it and when they called me back in to take her she was just up and looking around. No crabbing or upsetting or anything! What a brave, big girl I have. Although with all her crazy stuff anyways, she is pretty used to it. Also in big news, Jacey was supposed to do mom and tot swimming with me on Thursday. Ummm, everything was going well and we walked out to start our lesson when the lifeguard told us to grab the floaties for the kids and to get ready to EXCERCISE!!! What... I definitely signed up for a mom and tot swim lesson, but the problem was that they hadn't updated their time change on the internet so I signed up for the time frame which changed to an excercise class. Seriously?!?...seriously?!? hehe So I stayed and worked out and semi-enjoyed it and then asked after what the deal was, no refund b/c 2 classes have passed already...looks like I might get fit hehe Aw well besides the awesomeness that is in our fam there ain't much else to tell. Jon is still plugging away at work and enjoying the weather more as Graham and him go out to do some road hockey more now! Besides these going on's, were still good!