Friday, August 14, 2009

The HELLarious incident

My P.O'd kid, ripping into her bib, well at least she ain't ripping into me
Flying Baby
Just hanging around guys, how bout you?
Oh can I tell your fortune my pretty?
I am completely shocked that not only one...but TWO clips fit in my hair!
Well now that I've struck down the P52 pics and the new house news and pics...I am feeling as though there is more to be said. I am busily trying to overcome a Gisdusting cold whilst my child has taken it on as well...Jon is sure to follow soon...stay posted. Besides this yuck, I am thinking about packing...oh no I'm not doing any packing but strongly thinking about it. Also some new shots of my stinkin kid. She is almost a year old now and getting big, not huge, but big! As I sit here listening to the background sounds of a fake Golf Tournament courtesy of Jon, I am trying to recall a HELLarious incident that occured the other day to share. Beyond funny, laugh till I cried, almost pee in my pants a teeny bit funny. Here it comes: Jon and I were heading into Kingsway Garden Mall, lets call it KGM for short when we happened upon a gentleman and his little kid. Now when I say little I mean like 4 years old. The dad was leaning down telling the kid something, and this kid was absolutely unimpressed with whatever his dad was saying...when what to our wondering eyes should appear....but a split second pants pull down and a little pee. The dad seriously yanked his kids pants down, and let him pee, on the sidewalk, in clear view of all passerby's. I tried desperately to avert my eyes and Jon just grabbed me and pulled. The dad realizing that this is NOT a men's bathroom at this point tried to turn his kid into the wall (seriously? at this point, seriously) so as not to offend every single person walking back. Umm I was killing myself laughing, on the inside. Or at least on the inside until we got through the doors and then I burst out laughing! THAT JUST HAPPENED!!! On a more awesome note, we saw that same dad and kid in HMV not 10 minutes later, and the little guy was putting his mitts all over everything....awesome. Anyways wanted to share. Enjoy Jacey. I'll post a 1 year tribute to the little gaffer for her birthday!


19/52- New house

18/52- Mmmm sharing a deliciously soggy

17/52- Mommy and Jacey on the Seattle Ferry

16/52- Fam pic at cousin's wedding

15/52- Mommy and Jacey at the library

14/52- Family Pic for my Mom's 50th


IF you could not tell....we're getting a NEW HOUSE! Jon and I are extremely excited about it. We move in next Friday which also happens to be Jacey's 1st birthday. Kinda special! The place is in Fort Saskatchewan, in the new Sienna district. It is a 2009 Duplex, 1300 square feet with an unfinished basement and garage. I am kinda excited to throw my designing ideas into it. I have found some awesome things and hope they aren't too eclectic. Jon says as long as he can do whatever he wants to his "Man Cave" he doesn't care to much about any other rooms....Heh heh heh (evil laugh) Anyways it should be fun, exciting, new and bank breaking hehe Follow us along on our housing adventure! - Alyson