Saturday, February 26, 2011

Did y'all die of a "she finally posted" heart attack?!?...I did!

These last few months have been pretty busy around here. My last post of an unmentionable date was about Jacey's birthday and surgery. Since then she has been doing really good! Update(jot note form):
- Jacey did a 16 week program weekly at the Glenrose called 1,2,3, Go! and it was an intensive physio/occupational therapy/speech and other professionals class
- She wore her little casts on her legs for 6 weeks and then they were cut to be removed only during physio and bath time and then another 3 weeks
- She has "conditionally" been accepted for GRIT school program this fall which works 5 days a week for 3 1/2 hours a day out of our home 1:1 with an assistant. WAHOO!!
- We have some new equipment to help her little hips continue to heal and hold off her next surgery
- We have had more genetic testing done and it has been back and forth, but for the time being looks non-genetic (we are totally not making more little people till we know)
- Jacey had her first haircut, it was a bit sad but really made the curls pop back up again
- Christmas was great with both families and the Bird Girl was spoiled as per usual
- Jon's dad recovered well from his open heart surgery and has had no more problems and his mom has gotten a full time job (exciting but sad to not get to see her on our weekly visits in the day)
- My dad has had some medical stuff go on, but is healing like a trooper and my mom has been working away at her doula certification
- My sibs are same old same old...except Jenny got pregnant again..what a fertile myrtle the turtle. hehe We are beyond excited about it!!
- February our family along with my sister Jenny and her hubby Graham and their little woman Mia all went down to Florida for a vacay. It rocked!! The girls were rock stars with the 8 hour days and we hit up some great Disney parks and spent some $$ outlet shopping and really relaxed for some time off! It was greatly needed after the year we had.
- Jon got a new job working in the city for a Property Managers company which he is loving and he gets to have lunch with his dad every day which is special.

So that about sums it up, we are continually in the city for appointments but feel crazy blessed that we get to be so close to all the resources we need for out little lady. We have had some yucky go on this year but the positive is outweighing it ten fold. Now lets cross our fingers and hope that I will post weekly...monthly from now on! =) Love- The Birds