Sunday, December 14, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Just thinking about her chins

3 month mark

Wrangling and riding Tula

Daddy sweetening the sour lady up

Bored in the bumbo
Hello all, thought I would get on here quick before heading up to the Mac for Christmas. Hope this finds everyone well and enjoying the season. Jacey and I are pretty sick with colds, she has such a sad little cough. Makes for interesting nurses, travelling and breathing most importantly!! Anyways just a few funny pics and a little note. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year too!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Community Bathtub

Jacey tubbing it up

Community Tub

Jacey and Kingston during chocolate dipping. Taking a little bath break, and looking like they loved it!!!! Too cute, we did this as kids, with our siblings and cousins...until it got weird hehe

Chocolate Dipping

Finished & Boxed
Chocolate Fever

Leslie is Hot!

Gramma central

Betty Crocker, Aunt Jemima & Martha Stewart

Jenny decided this year that she wants to start a tradition...chocolate dipping! It was good, we made some fondent two weeks ago and did the dipping this weekend. Gramma started melting chocolate at 7 and we started dipping at 9:30am and finished around 10:00pm. It was a crazy long day and we were just pooped by the end! We made close to 1500 chocolates, what a gongshow. Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Vanilla, Strawberry, Peppermint patties, Choco-mint, Coconut, Cherry-Almond, Almond, Caramel, Butterscotch, Brazil nuts, Almonds and Pecans. Lots of chocolates to deliver and nosh on. Gramma Hudkins, G-mama Hinko, Mom, Jen, Les, Grampa, Kingston and Jacey all were there. The little people did some sleeping, eating, community tubbing and just sitting, it went really well with them. Grampa was our gopher... go for this, go for that, what a dear!! It was just a fun day.

Sleeping Beauties!!

My two favorite sleepers. Gotta love em!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jacey NOT smiling

Sitting with Fanty
Bird Lips in Tub

Just Looking

Who me?!?

I hate my bib!

Well were still in the development stage of the smiling, it is getting closer though. Right on the cusp of it! The girl's closest times are on her change table, naked and excited. Her legs and arms just get going and her mouth is soooo close. Alas, no smile. We have been trying tickling and making ridiculous noises and then just yelling...kidding we don't yell at her...much! =) She has started drooling up a storm and I fear her teething days are coming. She has started to wear bibs which she isn't fond of but puts up with. Also her tummy time is much better, she doesn't just lay her head down and complain anymore, alot more interactive with you! She is still on her tummy medicine which has made such an improvement for one more month, yucky, but helpful. So the Bird crew is still alive and functioning which is good. Christmas is coming, my favorite time and we are getting excited to see Jacey not open gifts or even really give a crap about it for the first time!!! Hehe Although I'm sure it will still be a gongshow!

Babies R Us Fiasco's

The sisters
The babies

My little sis and her man Kingston came down to visit a few days ago and we thought it would be fun to do a sister/baby day! Well it is fun, but crazy trying to get little people around, took 5 hours to go to like 3 places...Geez! We started in Babies R Us and it quickly turned into a feeding frenzy..literally. I had to change and nurse Jacey and then Leslie ended up changing and nursing Kingston...and Jenny sat on the sink and visited with us. hehe We were in the Parents Lounge for like an hour goofing around and performing professional mommy duties of course, but mostly goofing around. My mom would not have been proud!! Finally another lady knocked on the door to use it and we figured we should peace out before we got kicked out! Super fun though. We proceeded to go to to a chocolate store for the chocolate to dip this weekend, and a restaurant and then the mall. The babies totally swapped turns yelling in the car and getting fiesty. At the restaurant there was almost a brawl over the kids. Some crazy drunkard people behind us were a bit tipsy and some guy came in and left the door open so there was a draft. Well the guy behind us started yelling at him and the lady called him an unkind word and the poor guy had no idea what he had even done. Needless to say we finished our meal and peaced outta there too! SHEESH! Anyways it was a pretty fun day all in all! The sisters time was hilarious, as it always is!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home 5 weeks out of 12...anyone else see anything wrong with that?

Gramma Hinko and the gangsta
Pumpkin hat disaster...Best Mom Award!

Too big winter hat...but warm

Mommy and Jacey out walking

Daddy and Winnie

Well we have definitely been busy in the last little bit. Bird fam was home for a few days before heading back up to the Mac to introduce Uncle Jon to Kingston. It is always nice to go home and visit with the families, but so nice to return and sleep in your own bed. The poor little lady is all over the place, but what a trooper. She is beginning to not hate her carseat, I think, only a few complaining sessions. Being up there and seeing Leslie with her little man is so much fun, and so exciting to think that Jenny and Graham will get to do it soon as well. Our family is truly blessed!

We received our pics from Caylee Secretan of Caylee Secretan Photography...little shout out there and we love them! They turned out so amazing, I love the job she did on them. What a neat experience to do and the memories that you get to keep. Another little countdown, Jon only has 5 weeks of school left...WAHOO! Then he will be almost done, a few night courses next semester, but done full time school! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! I am soo pumped for him. I have been doing not tons, but thinking of things that I need to do. Like scrapbooking and journaling and also doing her thank you's and birth announcements...YIKES! Procrastination much. Ah well they are only little once and I love spending this time with her and all the cuddles, what a cuddly kid! But gotta get running, getting ready for another 2 day trip to the Mac. Jon's mom is having day surgery and I am the enforcer of bed rest and the chauffeur so a bit more trucking around and then a veg out till Christmas hopefully!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween & Stuff

Happy Halloween, hate this!!
BFF Ember wearing our matching pumpkin hats!
Head up high checking stuff out
Kingston & I, wow I am a beast!!
Grampa Hinko avoiding the bombardment of boobies

Well the last few days have been busy for sure! My sister Leslie had her baby on the 28th. A little man, Kingston Mikel, 7 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches long, he is adorable with a ton of hair!! My other sister Jenny, Jacey and I drove up Wednesday to meet him and then came home on Friday. That night we did the hadning out of candy which has sure changed. Some kids didn't dress up and others did not say Trick or Treat or anything, I had to actually ask kids to say it!! Unbelievable, times sure have changed, little monsters! Jacey was Tigger for Halloween and was too cute, however hated her costume more than life, the girl took a few pics and that was it. Saturday was busy as well, we threw Graham a surprise 29th birthday party, I would guess that there were probably 60 people here and they did a huge street hockey game outside and tons of food inside. It was super fun! Jon and I are alone for the next week, no Jen & Graham, no puppies, no Jacey...just kidding she's here still. Where would she go?! I cannot believe how big she is getting. The changes in her are phenominal and crazy, it happens so quick. We've been back and forth to see our parents and every time we go they tell us how different she is. I have been waiting impatiently for her to smile, she is sooo close. The closest thing I get is her dang bird lips! I talk away to her and she sticks em out, but no smile. "Put your darn bird lips away and smile for mommy already!" hehe oh well what can you do?! Besides that things aren't much different with us. Jon is still trucking away at school and I am still lounging around with a baby. The next few months should be interesting to watch and see the interactions with the lady so we'll keep ya posted.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sooo long in posting!

Well now that it has truly been over a month in blogging. There is a bit to update. Firstly still waiting on the arrival of Leslie and Mike's little man...hopefully soon poor Les! Jacey is anxiously awaiting her cousin's arrival. Also Jenny and Graham have found out that they are expecting naturally as well, three babies in ten months. AWESOME!!! Also Graham has gotten a great job down here in the Fort and so he will be down here within the month. Jen is pumped!! It is an exciting time in the Hinko family for sure.

Jacey is sure growing and changing. Her hair is lightening to an auburn red/brown I wonder what it will be. Her eyes are still pretty blue although I am noticing some days that they are a bit greeny so we will see. She is getting so much bigger and stronger. I put her in her sling and all she does is brace her arms on my chest to sit back and look around. She is starting to outgrow her newborn and 1 month outfits now. So she is still small and people always comment about how teeny she is for her 2 months age. What can you do, she eats like a monster!! It is interesting to just watch her develop and see the bits of her personality flare. She is a woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it done. She does not like to sit and lay, not content with that at all. She wants to be held and cuddled often...and truly who wouldn't want to cuddle her often? She is a very aware lady, likes to look around and be facing the action. My mom says that the apple definitely doesn't fall far from the tree. Hehe that might be the only similarity between her and I, cause she looks exactly like her dad.

Jon is busy with school and doing well. He cannot wait to be finished this Christmas and begin his career. I on the other hand am loving not having a career this year and getting to spend that time with my girl and also tons of time with my family. Pretty special especially with all the changes going on!

We just got home from visiting Newfoundland. Jon's family loved Jacey! Everyone was all about her, wanting to hold and cuddle her. Poor girl was all over the place, everytime she woke up she was somewhere new and someone new was holding her. But she did fantastic, slept through our flights and was not a crab with everyone. Only thing was her sleeping on Alberta time schedule still...ugh! Jon and I were pooped after this. It was a tiring trip but so much fun. We were in St. John's and around the bay for 6 days and then flew to Toronto for 2 days. We saw the CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, shopped and Jon was able to see a Toronto-Ottawa game. The next day we rented a car and drove out to Niagra Falls. So much fun! They were beautiful and just awesome. Toured a bit and then flew home! Phewph glad to be home, haven't been for about 3 weeks. Anyways hopefully things have settled more and I will post more.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cousin Playdates

Sooo, Jacey and her cousin Kingston will be about 10 weeks apart in age once he is born. They already have had some hang out sessions though. A few weeks ago Leslie was down and laying on the floor and had Jacey laying across her bump sleeping. After a few minutes Kingston started to kick her in the head. Jacey's head kept going up and down and she had this smile on her face when he did it. Too cute! I sure wonder if they are still connected from heaven some how. Then this last weekend while Les was down again she was holding Jacey so that her bum was on the bump. Kingston started to kick her in the butt, and Jacey had this huge grin and little chuckle in her sleep. Soo funny, it was just hilarious. They must be passing secrests still back and forth. Jacey probably is telling Kingston what a gongshow this family is and to head for the hills! Anyways though, I cannot get this pic to turn good so hopefully you can sideways see it hehe Love: The Bird's Nest

Jacey got blessed!

Here we are again, yesterday Jacey was blessed! Both of our families came down and my grandparents and great aunt all came. What a great experience for us all to have together. Really special! My mom made her blessing gown out of my gramma's, mom's and sisters wedding dress material, it was truly beautiful. Jacey wore her dad's old christening bonnet and did not appreciate it at all! hehe My Grandpa Hudkins gave her the blessing and it was beautiful. The funny thing though was that at the start a baby was really fussing and it turned into screaming and I was kinda like, "Really? Take your kid out please." Turns out it was my kid screaming into the microphone. Yup, letting it all out! Poor grandpa and the bishop pric, he kept moving her around and their hands all followed. Kinda funny to watch! The one councillor was jiggling her suckey into her mouth and the other one kept looking at her face to make sure she was breathing and ok. I was slightly embarassed. When she came back down she stopped and burped the hugest burp, so I was grateful that was after and not into the mic hehe Nice though that everyone was there. Poor girl hate the pics after ward also, all of them have her face red, and mouth open in a great scream. Ah well, always will remember it for sure now~

Baby Shower

Well this last weekend was a joint
baby shower for Leslie and myself. It was thrown by my other sister Jenny. She did awesome! It was a nursery rhyme theme. Sooo cute! Refreshments were centered around rhymes and also the games and things, fun. I will let you figure out the rhymes for some of the food: Pumpkin Pie, Deviled Eggs, Bread and Butter. I cannot believe how many people came and the amount of gifts, it was crazy. We sure appreciated everyone. Jacey was perfect, I filled her up double before everyone got there and the lady slept through the whole passing around session hehe She wasn't even that crabby during the evening. The gramma's also arrived yesterday and today. So funny, it has only been about 3 weeks and they are both all over her. I feared they would not let anyone else hold her during the shower. They did awesome at restraining themselves. (Although I think that they let her go because they know I am heading up to the Mac with her for a week to visit!!) hehe It was just super fun and we were grateful for those who hosted and helped and those who came and gave gifts!


I realized that the pics of the last post cut off some words. I will have to try to fix somehow...YIKES!

Jacey is 1 Month Old!

Holy cow, I cannot believe that it has been this quick already! I feel like we just got out of the hospital with her, but then I remember all the nights and know its been a month. hehe I sure do love the girl. I cannot begin to imagine not having her. Jacey makes Jon's life and mine just that much more special and fun. It is unreal the things that you learn about yourself, your spouse and your marriage. I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I was, also that I can function on alot less sleep than I ever thought! I have learned that I married a pretty incredible guy. He takes care of me and her to such a degree that I cannot imagine not having him. I have learned how much Jon and I care for each other and how strong and solid our marriage is. These little revelations are what it is truly about. Jacey is starting to settle her nights down somewhat, I can expect to go to bed anywhere between 11 and 1. Also that almost every 4 hours is her wake up time, unless she wants her suckey or to be rotated hehe She likes to cuddle with mommy and daddy sometimes in their bed which is a rarety but sometimes when I feel zombie-like I do break down and let her in. I just pray that when we wake up, she ain't a pancake!!! Anyways, a few more posts to make so I will hurry it along. We are just really grateful for our life! Love J,A, and the lady

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Date Night...woot woot!

Well this week has been a whole bunch of busy nothing. I am feeling like I don't get much done in a day. I have an idea of what I wanna do...but then all of a sudden it is supper time and my pj's are still hanging out...on my body! I am sure enjoying spending time with Jacey at home though. She is such a super sweet baby. I love watching her little smiles in her sleep, her bright eyes watching me and listening to her coo's and cries. It just warms my heart how much I love her!

I should also mention how much I love my husband. He is such a great man! I feel like even though I look like a sloth when he gets home from school, he comes and I can see the love he has for me and our new daughter. What a supportive guy he is. I could not have asked for a better man to share my life with. The getting up with her in the AM or even changing her in the PM to let me catch a few extra z's. What a sweetheart! (Almost wrote sweatheart..Whewph)

On Monday I was pretty pumped to go shopping with Jen. Since being home, I can wear my old size clothes...YEAH ME... but don't have alot anymore and so we went and got a chunk of goods for me. I was pumped for a new dress I bought and conjured up a date nite for Jon and I. Recruiting Jenny to babysit for us. YIKES, the first babysit. However, who can you trust if not your own fam? Jenny did great with her, even giving her a bottle which the chunker sucked back no prob. Jon and I dressed up nice and went for dinner and some ice cream. It was sure nice!

I just feel so blessed to have our little family. Today Jacey's cord fell off! I was so excited cause seriously...nast...but it was kind of sad too. I almost cried a bit, that was the last connection physically that her and I had. It made her not a newborn sad! It feels like she is growing so quick already...too quick! I just love her lots. Well now that I have gushed and gooed everyone out, this is the end. Hope you enjoy the new pics. Peace out!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Been busy!

Finally, finally, finally have some time to blog! We have had some scary things going on. On Sunday the 23rd Jacey was admitted back into the Grey Nuns hospital. The day before and throughtout the day she was stopping breathing and turning purple/blue. SCARY!!! We took her into the hospital and waited for hours in emerg and were finally admitted into the Peds unit. Jacey was in there for about a 1/2 hour. During that time she had about 5 of these episodes and they called down a doctor and nurse from the NICU. They unplugged her from the monitors and ran her up to the ICN where they began working on her immediately. It was horrifying and scary. I had to call Jon to come back to the hospital and hurry because she was seizing and having to be given oxygen and resucitated. My mom, dad, gramma and grampa arrived with Jon, and only Jon and I were allowed in right away. They had to start an IV with antibiotics to treat for infections and take blood and give her a nose tube to clean out her stomach. Jon and I jsut stood back and cried, prayed and watched all this happening to our new little girl! It was a really hard night. Finally once they felt she was stable, my dad came in to see her (his very first time). We were all pretty emotional! When asking the nurse if we should call Jon's parents to come back down, she said yes. If that does not have terrible thoughts going through your head I don't know what would! Grampa Hudkins was able to give her a blessing with the family present and it was just such a comfort. The nurse we had was fantastic, so caring and although she was off took the time to come and explain everything to the family and comfort Jon and I. Around 2:30 in the morning Jon and I left to sleep at gramma's and grampa's for a few hours before hurrying back for 8:30. The next day she was much more alert and more herself which was such a relief. All through the week we were back and forth between the hospital, home and gramma and grampa's house. It was soo tiring! Jacey improved sooo much throughout the week. On the Thursday she was sent to the Royal Alex to do a sleep survey where they diagnosed her with Periodic Apnea. This means that her brain was not telling her lungs to breathe properly causing her episodes. The doctor we had was amazing, kept calling her the little mystery patient. She is on a treatment of Caffiene, once a day for a month and this will help her to outgrow with no side effects the apnea. She was back to her old self, bossy and wanting to be in charge. One of the nurses in the ICN even nicknamed her "The Boss". hehe Love it. We are soooo happy to have our lady back home with us. What a scary experience! I am grateful for the knowledge of the gospel that we have and the endless support of our family and friends. You sure know who to turn to in crazy situations....your moms!!!! =) Now that the worst is over we have some new pics to pop up of her a little Jacey show if you will.