Monday, May 2, 2011

These are my days....

A day in the life of the Bird Girls

So the Bird girl and I have enjoyed being at home these last few years. (Not like there have really been a ton of years in our professional relationship but...) I thought I would break up our day so that you can see how we roll. My morning begins with some breakfast and a butt change, I will spare you the details.We almost always watch Harry and His Bucket of Dinosaurs and then Miss Bird turns into a dinosaur herself, which is hilarious. Then Jacey and I hang out on the big red carpet, I like to think of it as the Big Comfy Couch, but not so stupid. This is where we work out, let's not get silly here, Jacey works out not me. I enjoy a glass of chocolate milk! We do our phyios stretches and we work on our little fine motor skills and wear our special hand equipment. This goes on for a good hour or so, or until Jacey rips the hand stuff off via her pirahna mouth. We also spend time in her Pony Walker, affectionately called "Walker, Texas Ranger" or her new standing frame, which she loves. These are all fun and interesting unless Mommy is unloading the dishwasher, playing the piano, dusting, washing the floor, wiping down things or even taking a moment to pee by herself. Then all heck breaks loose and the bird girl yells and yells for me to come running and play with her still. Sheesh! So after we are done playing and working out we snuggle together on the recliner with a bottle for a mid morning snack and then hit the sack. This is one of mommy's favorite 20 minutes of the day...yup I said it 20 minutes...jealous?!? That is what a nap consists of around here. My lady drops like a sack of potatoes into her bed, squeaks once usually and is out like a light for 20 whole minutes. You can imagine my happiness as I either rush through a shower and put clothes on, or do the tidying jobs that Miss Scream a thon wouldn't let me do earlier or third more embarassing. I sit on my butt and relish in the "I don't have to hold my kid 24/7 for the next 20 MINUTES" plan. Hehe The little lady makes some fun talking to herself noises and squirms for a good 5-10 minutes and I dilly dally around cause I want her to know I don't run at her beck and call (she clearly runs the show around here!). We are up and off to the races again! She loves to have fresh air hit her smack in the face, so often times we go sit on the front porch if it is nice out. We don't go on the grass much as we gag, yeah we gag alot and that leads to barf and that leads to mommy barf and so we don't go on the grass much. BUT she does love the air. Then we play, sometimes we go downstairs and see the bunny and chinchilla, sometimes we fiddle around with toys, sometimes we go bounce on mommy's bed. Jacey loves books, music and anything she can get her digits on to chew. So one of those things occurs in this time period. Lunch is next, something delicious, like leftovers or baby food or a sandwich. We are all out gourmet around here! Then you guessed it some more playing, we practice walking in our walkers again with our little leg braces on which is adorable to watch and sweaty to participate in. We also like to re-organize the DVD's, oh wait WE don't like to do that JACEY likes to do that. Sometimes we catch a Backyardigans or Toot and Puddle (mostly cause I love the potty reference name) and or Toopy and Binoo. These are our favs. Then we sit and wait for daddy to come home for supper and a tubby. Then it is off to sleep so that Mommy can tell Daddy all these details. Fun hey?!? If this is not our day, we are running like crazy women to appointments in the city which is fun too! Glad you enjoyed a day in the you wish your day was as fun. Peace out! - A