Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yes, barely made the month cut off!!

Soooo since I have decided to try really really really hard to blog like every 2 weeks or once a month (let's not get crazy here) I am, March 31st at 10:00pm....nailed it!!!

Our family has been busy since our big trip. Jacey is working out at the Glenrose every two weeks and is busy getting into another Rhymes and Storytimes with her cousin Mia. Fun to watch the ladies play together, Jacey loves her cousin and Mia loves Jasus!! hehe Her way of saying Jacey, pretty cute. Jacey also is having another surgery in June. It will be on her eyes to help straighten and strengthen the muscle as well as some Botox injections. Just to clarify the botox is for JACEY not ALYSON...although ALYSON wishes she could have some botox as well. Her stress is creating wrinkles which makes her look 100x meaner than she really is (which is only like some meaness). I digress, she is having surgery and we are ok with it. She is also loving popping up onto her knees and sitting back on them, ALL THE TIME! It is pretty radical to watch. She is pretty proud of herself.

Jon is still working, and being nice to me. (Which is a good thing) He is excited for some one on one daddy time this weekend while I am away. He will swim with the girl and cook for her...or reheat some leftovers...whatevs! I am heading out of town with my mom, sistas and some other family members to SCRAPBOOK. I am uber excited to relax, and work hard on my tiny lady's baby book. Should be fun!

Anyways, don't want to get all carried away and think because this post is semi long that I am a wicked, awesome blogger or something. I mean c'mon! =) Love ya's - A