Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Bird Girl's Surgery

Hello all,

I think I will be doing the writing and updating for a bit, I am your new host of a little game I like to call How is Jacey doing? Well not so much a game but she is definitely testing the limit of how long she can go without sleeping...Well as most of you know Jacey had surgery this week to correct her eyes and hips. Yes 2 in 1 surgery, we talked to the surgeons and they said that the surgery went very well. And as of noon yesterday Jacey has been in a room at the Stollery Hospital recovering from those surgeries. She is doing really well and still is finding time to play drop the soother and drop anything that is in front of me onto the floor game. A favorite of mommy and daddy....nope just kidding not fun at all. She is doing really well though, the only thing is she is having a hard time sleeping. That is why Mommy and Daddy are resting now and have time to update the blog. Her biggest problem is her lack of movement she has a big cast on her legs and they are seperated by a broomstick I have included a picture of this as it is pretty cool and she definitely got some wild colours haha.

Well that is the update so far we would like to thanks everyone for there thoughts and prayers during this time and for everyone who has sent messages, we really do appreciate it and love you all.

Also in a final note today is Jacey Bird's birthday Happy 2nd Birthday to a sweet special girl and even though it is no fun to have a birthday in the hospital I think straight eyes and straight legs are a not bad present...well maybe some toys would be better but we are unconventional parents like that haha.

Take Care,
Jon, Alyson and a recovering Jacey