Monday, September 24, 2012

Ability Camp, Week 3 under the belt!

Well we are now past the half way mark for camp being done. On a different note, I am only EXACTLY one half of the way away from being at home. Jon's mom and I along with Jacey (cause she is mostly the one people want to see) are going back to Newfoundland for a week after camp. We are excited, and by we, I mean me b/c let's face it...Jacey doesn't even know!!! Anyways back to being over half done camp. HURRAY!!!!! We had a fun, eventful, visitors welcome kinda week. Jacey got into the groove right on Monday morning and worked hard. She earned all of her stickers and is now one of the top potty kids in her class. I love looking at her potty chart and seeing the rows of stickers and know she has great potty skills. (They probably come from me!) We were super, super excited to have Great Gramma Hinko and Grampa Hinko come to visit this week too. It was not a super long visit, but great to have some new blood in this joint and some help for this mama. I am still friends with the toilet in the mornings and sometimes afternoons....I curse morning sickness! (In a YEAH I am grateful for a baby out of it at the end, but will this ever end kind of way) So we picked up our guests and brought them back to camp, it was late Wednesday night but they were able to meet most of our housemates. (If I didn't look around and remind myself where I am, the housemates comment would seem almost Jersey Shore or Real is not) Jacey woke up super early on Thursday and the first word out of her mouth was "Papa". It was like she wondered if it was real or a dream. She called out for him and we had to make our way down the hall to find him. Sorry Gramma, I love you but you were definitely second fiddle to the Grampa this week. hehe We had some breakfast and they came to our room to watch some stretches and morning prep. We also had individuals today and they were able to come into class and observe her work. She worked so well for me and really was trying to impress Grampa with her soccerball kicking skills. (Probably not from me) We had some lunch and Grampa went into the dive for the afternoon, he was sure nervouse, but did fantastic! The other moms really helped him, he began to call it "The Hole". I was proud of him and really glad he could give the other moms a break who were helping me take Jacey in. We did some driving around in the evening and killed some time sightseeing all the little farms and cute houses in the area. Also did a drive down by the lake to see the water, some really great waves. The next day was a more veg day. Gramma and I baked like 10 dozen cookies (which were ALL eaten by like 8 o'clock that night.) People around here love homemade baking or anything "homey". Grampa did another dive and we made our way around again scouting out some other drives. We were in time to have a pizza party with the whole house. There was a sweet adult here from Jersey who threw the pizza party for the crowd because it was his second last night and he wanted to get together with everyone and visit. It was awesome! Everyone really enjoyed the food and the company was great. I think that Grampa and Great Gramma really got to see the community of special families at work and feel the sweet spirit that accompanies each. One of the adults who was leaving even teared up and said that he just could not believe that love and dedication in each family. Watching everyone work together and care for each other here. It was just a really great night. Saturday was a kinda more boring day. Two dives, and I was not sure both would happen for Grampa, but he did it and did great. We headed out for supper that night to a roadhouse grill and it was sure tasty. Sunday was a nice break day. We decided to skip dives and take our time touring down here up to Belleville so that Grampa and Great Gramma could get some sights in. We toured around Bloomfiled and Wellington and saw the big houses on the water, visited a winery for them, got some great pics of farmers fields, pumpkin fields and dairies. It was sure nice. Topped off with lunch at Montana's before they caught their train. There may or may not have been two teary phone calls to my hubby and sister/mom. (Ok there was TOTALLY teary calls) I was sick, Jacey was getting a cold and my only help left me. I was kinda a mess yesterday. BUT we got home had some supper, dessert and hit the sack early. OH WAIT, only Jacey hit the sack early. The other moms here had prepared an Emmy Party as the Emmy awards were one last night. It was sooo what I needed. We all got in pj's, cooked up some appe's and snacks and got drinks and vegged out in front of the tv to watch the awards. Such a needed veg night. I loved it and am excited to have another mommy night tonight to see Dancing with the Stars. (Which I have never followed before but some other mommies have and are really excited....and let's face it, what else will I do?!?) So that is our week wrapped up. Only like 5ish days until Nanny Bird comes and I am excited to really take it easy then...get ready Nanny!!! Then off to Newfieland and some family...and then my sweet hubby. Can't wait to see him! Thanks again for all the love and support guys. - Love Alyson and Jacey

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